A Brief History of Majestic Marble & Glass Co.

Danny Cox founded Majestic Marble & Glass Company in 1990 as a distributor of cultured marble vanity tops and shower surrounds, and custom glass shower enclosures.

Within 18 months Cox had started his own cultured marble manufacturing operation and began marketing his products under the Marquee brand. Meanwhile, sales at the glass division grew steadily under the leadership of industry veteran Carl Manfredi. To segment glass installation services from manufactured marble products, the glass operations began trading under the brand Envision.

By 1994, while looking to grow his then 20-person staff, Cox was introduced to Bruce Battle. With shared vision and complementary skills, Battle bought an eventual 50% stake in Majestic, which was incorporated that same year.

In 1997, Majestic expanded manufacturing operations to fabricate not only cultured marble vanity tops and shower surrounds, but also countertops made from natural stone (e.g. granite) and solid surface materials such as Corian . A third brand, Constrata Surface Innovations, was established to market these new kitchen and countertop products.

By 2005 the company had grown to more than 200 employees and exceeded $20 million in sales. At that time, about 85 percent of the company’s products were sold in the Triangle’s five-county region, with the rest going to customers in North Carolina and throughout the nation.

Like most companies, Majestic was hit hard beginning in 2008 with the US economic downturn and housing bust. A sharp decline in sales and struggles to collect receivables forced a significant reorganization.

While many companies folded during the downturn, Majestic committed to rebuilding a stronger, more vibrant organization. Robert McKenzie of Rankin McKenzie was brought on as interim CFO to help steer the company. As the economy improved, many long-time former employees and partners were sought out and returned to work. Financial and operational controls were tightened, and increased programming in safety and HR were introduced.

Sales and marketing efforts, previously split across the Marquee, Envision, and Constrata brands, began a long-term consolidation under one new umbrella – Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations. Two product selection centers were opened in 2013 under this combined brand.

Majestic now specializes in countertops, sinks, showers, glass shower enclosures and more. Today, Majestic is on track to set a new annual sales record, and is poised to serve ever-growing populations throughout greater Wilmington and south of Wake County. Sales and operations continue to be consolidated under Majestic Kitchen & Bath Creations, and a new Wilmington Selection Center opened in summer of 2015.

After 25 years in business, Majestic is still a company that employees, customers and funders believe in.

Affiliations & Partnerships

Majestic Kitchen & Bath is pleased to be fully accredited by the Marble Institute of America, designating us as one of the nation’s best stone fabricators. Regardless of the size of your project, you can count on us to deliver the highest level of service, professionalism and customer care as we work with you to make the vision for your home a reality.

Marble Institute of America
Marble Institute of America
When you are shopping for a natural stone fabricator or commercial contractor, look for the MIA Accreditation seal. It is a meaningful quality indicator because only the finest companies in the industry can meet all of the qualifi cations necessary to achieve MIA Accreditation.
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Artisan Group
Artisan Group
Majestic is a member of the Artisan Group, an elite organization on stone fabricators throughout North America. Artisan Group members are among the finest stone artisans in the industry and are recognized as the most respected, technologically advanced stone and countertop fabricators in the business. Majestic adheres to the Artisan Group’s strict quality standards and…
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