That’s right, Majestic is now on Houzz! You probably know that Houzz is a fantastic resource for finding ideas for every inch of your home. After you’ve implemented those ideas, take a minute to post pictures of the final product and tag the work Majestic did to help make it all happen. Whether you outsourced your entire renovation or rolled up your sleeves and put in some sweat equity, seeing a project go from concept to completion is something to be proud of. Sharing it on Houzz lets people see what you did and may even spark ideas for their projects! Houzz is also a great place to write reviews for contractors, fabricators, design firms and more. Word of mouth is the best source of new business for companies like ours so if you’re pleased with the work Majestic did for you we hope you will tell people about it on Houzz. You can also follow Majestic on Houzz to see our latest products as well as take a peek at the projects we’re working on right now. Because Houzz is all about community, and we’re proud to be a part of it!