Majestic is proud to announce our new partnership with CURAVA, one of the most eco friendly quartz surfaces on the market today.
Curava comes in 5 standard colors and contains larger glass particulates and seashells (Savaii and Lemongrass) that display exceptional depth and provides a unique look.
CURAVA countertops are composed of 60% recycled glass. CURAVA uses a resin binder and has the same functional properties as other engineered stone “quartz” products: stain, scratch, heat, and wear resistant. CURAVA is not cement based.
CURAVA is non-porous and extremely sanitary (no sealer required). CURAVA requires common sense care and maintenance (no special cleaners) to look like new for years.


Where does the glass come from?

100% of the glass used in CURAVA is recycled and comes from the following post- consumer and post-industrial products:

  • Beer bottles from landfills
  • Window and windshield glass waste
  • Broken bottles from bottling companies
  • Wine bottles from landfills

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Where can it be used?

CURAVA can be used in the following interior applications: kitchen countertops, vanity tops, shower and tub surrounds, tabletops, and furniture tops. CURAVA is not recommended for outdoor uses.

Product Description

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 3.30.03 PMMaterial Thickness
3cm (1-1/4” thick) depending on your market.
Slab Size
55” x 120”
No sealing required
CURAVA surfaces are stain resistant without any need for a sealer.
Extraordinary strength and durability
CURAVA resin based surfaces are made tough to withstand constant use and abuse! Featuring exceptional flexural strength and compressive strength, as well as great resistance to abrasion, CURAVA surfaces will withstand the test of time without any problems.
Color & Material Consistency
CURAVA uses state of the art equipment to produce the highest quality recycled glass material. While best efforts are made to keep the color of the recycled glass component as consistent as possible, variations in color, particulate size, and concentration are an inherent part of the material. Small pits, fissures, or inclusions within the glass particulates on the polished surface of the material represent a characteristic of CURAVA glass surface and are not considered to be defects. The CURAVA 15 year warranty does NOT cover any of the items mentioned above.


CURAVA comes with a 15 year Limited Warranty that is fully transferable and assignable. Please visit to register for the warranty after installation.

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (Lead) Points

LEED was developed by the USGBC (US Green Building Council) and it is a green building certification program. The LEED green building certification program is a point-based system where points are awarded for actions taken during design, construction, and use phases, to reduce the impact that a project and its construction will have on the environment.

CURAVA Qualifies for the Following LEED Credits:


  • MR4.1: 10% Recycled Content (½ post consumer + ½ preconsumer) – 1 POINT
  • MR4.2: 20% Recycled Content (½ post consumer + ½ preconsumer) – 1 POINT
  • EQ4.1: Low-emitting materials: adhesives and sealants – 1 POINT
  • ID: Innovation in design – 1 POINT

Use and Care

The composition of CURAVA ensures that your countertop will be low maintenance as well as resistant to scratches and stains. CURAVA also has excellent heat resistance, but is NOT heat or fracture proof. Using some common sense, your CURAVA will remain beautiful and durable for many years to come, with virtually no maintenance.


Day to day cleaning of CURAVA requires only a damp cloth, sponge or paper towel. We recommend warm water and a non-abrasive cleanser. Mild soap and water is the best option. For best results clean any food or liquid spills promptly. For dried spills a non- abrasive scrub pad with a mild cleanser such as Formula 409TM should remove the foreign material. While CURAVA is normally able to resist most household chemicals, avoid products containing bleach or ammonia.

Polishing and Sealing

One of the tremendous benefits of CURAVA Recycled Glass Surfaces is that it never requires sealing or topical waxes, in order to remain as durable and beautiful as the day it was installed. Because CURAVA is non-porous, with normal cleaning procedures as stated above, the surface will remain smooth with its original glossy finish. We strongly recommend against using sealants, penetrants or topical treatment under any circumstance.
CURAVA can be damaged by strong chemicals and solvents; it is extremely durable but it is NOT indestructible. Avoid products that contain bleach, ammonia, trichlorethane or methylene chloride. These chemicals are typical in batteries, paint removers, furniture strippers and tarnish remover. If any agent of this nature comes in contact with your CURAVA top, immediately flush with water and then clean thoroughly with a diluted vinegar and water solution. If this occurs and a stain appears, get in touch with the installer of your countertop.


CURAVA may not withstand sustained heat directed on its surface. This includes but is not limited to heat produced by direct transfer of hot pots to the surface, radiant heat from crock pots or electric fry pans, or direct exposure to heat lamps. It is always recommended that a trivet or hot pad be employed to prevent unnecessary heating of the material surface.


CURAVA is NOT a seamless product. Your countertop will have seams in it where separate components have been joined, and they may be visible. A well-executed seam may be smooth to the touch but also be visible. As a result of the manufacturing process, small voids may appear on the surface of CURAVA, approximately the size of a pinhead. Typical depths of these voids are less than 1 mm and do not affect the integrity of the slab or have impact on the overall porosity of the material.

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