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A cultured marble shower or tub from Majestic is truly a thing of beauty. Rich colors and veining give the depth and interest of natural stone with the added benefit of being very low maintenance. Unlike tile surrounds, there are no grout lines to scrub and maintain. And while natural stone must be sealed occasionally, cultured marble or quartz has a finish that will last a lifetime with proper care.

Homeowners and contractors alike look to Majestic Kitchen & Bath for all their kitchen and bath needs, and with good reason. We are one of the largest natural stone suppliers in Raleigh, Wilmington, and coastal North Carolina and offer a tremendous range of products to fit any budget. From granite countertops to glass shower enclosures to sinks and faucets, our goal is to be the single source provider for your kitchen or bath project. We invite you to explore our site to see a representation of products and brands we carry and to imagine them in your home.

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