When it comes to designing or renovating a bath, planning your shower is a very important consideration. Whether it’s a walk-in built for two, a bathtub and shower combination or a corner stall right-sized for a small space, choosing the right doors and frames will make all the difference in the finished product.

There are numerous ways to customize  your shower and make it a space that is all your own. If you select a framed door, you should know that metal frames come in a variety of edges, finishes and colors, from polished brass to brushed nickel, to complement plumbing fixtures, towel racks and other design elements in your space. Frameless doors can offer clean sight lines, making them ideal for showering off intricate tile work or other shower surround details. Even the glass itself can make a statement. Clear glass provides a modern look while textured glass offers visual interest and privacy. Whatever your preference, these are the options you will most likely find when you are shopping for shower doors.

By-pass – Available in framed or frameless options, two doors are mounted on tracks so that one can slide in front of the other. This option works for showers or shower/tub combinations. In shower/tub applications, pass doors work well in area with limited access.

Framed hinge – As the name states, this option frames the door on all four sides, giving it strength and durability. The frame also defines the lines of the shower, giving it a contemporary look.

Frameless hinge – This option offers a very sleek, clean look since the only visible metals are the hinges and door handle. Frameless hinge doors can be installed as a stand alone or integrated with glass panels or other surrounds.

Pivot – Because they are mounted a few inches in from the edge of the door, pivot doors are an excellent option when space is at a premium. They are also popular in designs using heavy glass because there is no need to notch the doors. Pivot doors come in framed or unframed styles.

Hybrid – Exclusively designed by Majestic to offer a frameless look shower at an affordable price. By combining a 1/4″ semi-frameless door with sturdy 3/8″ side panels it allows for hingeless design even on smaller fiberglass units where a frameless design will not work. With a positive closing magnetic latch and stock threshold, water will remain in the shower.

Regardless of the door style or configuration you choose, choosing quality it key. Low-grade hinges can stick, squeak, or even break. Interior tracks can inhibit doors from sliding easily. Doors that do not precisely fit your space will leak, which can result in costly water damage repairs. And glass that is too thin or improperly tempered can chip, crack or shatter. Majestic Marble & Glass only carries brands that are trusted by industry experts and homeowners alike. From economical options to high-end custom projects, their dedicated glass team offers design advice and professional installation services that will bring your dream bath to life.

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