Firstline Care Kit


Firstline Sealer not only protects your countertop and helps maintain its natural beauty, but also seals out harmful bacteria.

Firstline Sealer is an exclusive solvent-based and V.O.C. compliant impregnator sealer. It is the finest sealer for granite penetrating grout and dense stone to protect against water and oil staining, while allowing substrate to properly breathe. It has a non-yellowing, long-lasting formula that will not change the surface appearance of your granite. Firstline is specifically designed to bond with quartz and silica materials inherent to granite and grout.

The solvent-based sealer is thinner than traditional water-based sealers allowing it to carry the sealant deeper into dense granite at a much faster rate. The solvents used in Firstline Sealer are approved by the government and are proven to be ground-level ozone safe.


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